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The Importance of Proper Contact Use

Contacts are a popular option for individuals who require vision correction. With new technology, they have become easy to use and comfortable to wear. They provide the same results as glasses while offering a natural look and a great option for athletes. Whether you wear your contacts for daily use or while participating in sports, it is imperative to follow the instructions for the type of contact lenses you have been prescribed.

Tips for Wearing Contact Lenses To maintain your eye health and vision, follow these tips when wearing your contacts:

  • Wash your hands – Be sure to handle your contacts with clean hands to avoid infection.

  • Check if they are inside out – One of the biggest challenges for new contact lens users is determining if the lens is inside out before inserting it. When looking at the side of the lens, it should appear like a bowl and form a “U” shape. If the edges flare out or the laser marking is illegible, it is inside out.

  • Disinfect storage containers – Follow your eye doctor’s instructions to properly clean your lenses and storage containers on a regular basis.

  • Never use saliva – Do not try to wet contact lenses by placing them in your mouth.

  • Use new solution – Instead of ‘topping off’ remaining solution in your case, discard it and refill with new solution every time.

Risks of Improper Contact Use

  • Infection – Wear your contact lenses as prescribed and clean them regularly. Follow disinfecting instructions and be sure to have solution on hand so that you do not run out. Removing daily-wear lenses after the outlined time period and not sleeping with them on are good habits to establish when you wear contact lenses.

  • Temporary damage – Wearing daily-wear or gas permeable contacts overnight can cause damage to the cornea and even result in temporary vision impairment.

  • Intolerance – With repeated improper use, some people may no longer be able to wear contact lenses as their eyes become too sensitive. Protein buildup is often the cause, and overtime, it can cause lens-related allergic reactions. You may need to talk to your eye doctor about special solutions designed to dissolve protein buildup.

  • Sight damage – If you continually wear your contacts without properly cleaning them or tend to keep them on overnight, you could cause permanent damage to your cornea. This damage may deteriorate your sight and make it impossible for you to wear contact lenses in the future.

Get contacts that suit your vision correction and lifestyle needs. Visit your optometrist or local eye doctor for an updated prescription and proper care instructions. The Optometrists' Clinic Inc. can help you properly use your new or existing contact lenses. Contact us at one of our convenient locations to learn more or to book your optometrist visit.


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