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Your Coloured Contact Lenses Provider in Edmonton

When many think of fashionable eyewear, they think designer frames, but contact lenses can be just as stylish. Coloured contact lenses can change the look of your eyes or enhance their natural colour. Optometrists Clinic Inc offers a wide range of coloured contact lenses at our Edmonton area centres, helping patients find a colour that’s right for them.

Coloured contact lenses are just like your regular prescription lenses. Thanks to today’s technology coloured contacts appear very natural on wearers, providing both a unique look as well as comfort. While many chose coloured contact lenses in Edmonton for cosmetic reasons, they also offer practical benefits. For example, colour tints have been used by athletes to increase their visual performance. This “sport tint” helps reduce glare, enhance contrast sensitivity, and amplify depth perception.

You can choose between tinted and completed coloured contact lenses:

Tinted Contact Lenses

A lightly tinted contact, called a handling tint, is meant to make it easier to insert, remove, or find your contact, without affecting your eye colour. Another purpose of tinted lenses is to enhance your natural eye colour by matching its colour with the appropriate opacity and tint.

Coloured Contact Lenses

Coloured lenses are of the most opaque variety, and are most often sold for the purpose of changing a person’s natural eye colour – usually to people who do not actually need their vision corrected. However, these esthetically pleasing contacts can also be made with correction, if desired.

What to Know Before Getting Coloured Contacts

Coloured contacts come in different sizes to fit most wearers. However, there can be times where the contact slides and the coloured portion may move over the pupil. This can occur during blinking and creates a less-than-natural look for your eyes. Also remember that your pupil changes shape depending on the light condition. For example, at night when light is reduce, your pupils will dilate to accommodate meaning that they could be larger than the clear centre of your coloured contact lens. Your vision may be affected slightly.

Despite these small issues, coloured contacts are safe to wear as long as they are properly prescribed, used, and cared for by you the wearer. If you have any other concerns, our eye care professionals can help answer any additional questions you may have about coloured contacts and your eye health.

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