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Get the right contact lenses here.

Optometrists Clinic Inc: Your On-site Eyeglasses Provider in Edmonton

Optometrists Clinic Inc carries a wide range of glasses frames from well-known designers like Michael Kors, Tom Ford, Etnia and Alain Mikli. Our frames are not only stylish and modern, they’re also manufactured using the latest durable and lightweight materials. If you need prescription eyeglasses in Edmonton, our team is at your service.

In just one appointment, we’ll examine your eyes, create your prescription and order your new eyewear. Our on-site laboratory allows you to order your glasses directly so that you can get them as soon as possible. Additionally, most of our frames have a one-year warranty, and some selected frames have a 2-year warranty.

A Variety of Eyeglasses in Styles at Reasonable Prices

Whether you require single-vision or progressive lenses, we’re confident that you’ll love your Optometrists Clinic Inc eyeglasses. Our eyewear comes in a range of styles suited to all ages, face types and fashion preferences. Plus, the superior durability and comfort of our products ensure that you’ll look and feel your best for a long time.

Best of all, our glasses come in a variety of price ranges. You can express your unique style without breaking the bank!

Specialty Glasses Products to Meet Your Needs

At all five of our locations in Edmonton, Leduc and Westlock, we offer glasses frames in a variety of fashionable styles as well as provide eyeglasses with custom lens features and sizing options. Here are some of the specialty products we offer:

Transition Lenses

These are glasses that become sunglasses in the right conditions. If you step outside or into a sunlit area while wearing them, specialized photochromic technology makes the lenses darken automatically.

Sports Frames
In order to stay safe and perform your best when playing sports, it’s crucial to be able to see clearly. We offer prescription goggles and other sports frames for your unique sporting needs.
Lens Coatings

Take advantage of protective coatings that block out UV rays, reduce glare and resist fingerprints. Additionally, we can apply a permanent anti-fog coating to any lens style, which is beneficial when wearing a face mask, cooking, playing sports and working out.

Special Sizing Options
We carry children’s frames and petite-fitting ladies’ frames.

Get a Perfect Glasses Fit for All-day Comfort

It’s important to choose a frame style that you love, but it’s essential to make sure your eyewear fits snugly. If frames are the incorrect size, it can negatively impact your vision. This is due to the fact the prescription lenses won’t be precisely positioned to your specific eye measurements.

In addition, ill-fitting glasses are uncomfortable to wear. Avoid the hassle of constantly readjusting frames that slip down your nose by making sure your glasses are fitted to your face by a professional.

Get the Right Glasses Prescription

Eyeglass lens prescriptions typically expire after one or two years. This is because an individual’s vision can change significantly in just a short span of time.


If you wear glasses that are no longer the correct prescription, it can negatively impact your eye health, ability to see and quality of life. Wearing glasses with an outdated prescription generally leads to eyestrain. This can result in eye fatigue, headaches and neck pain. Other issues associated with an incorrect prescription are blurry vision, seeing double and dizziness.

In addition, it’s inadvisable to purchase off-the-rack reading glasses. Whereas prescription glasses can correct your vision over time, drugstore reading glasses will at best merely mask vision problems. Moreover, it’s common for individuals to require different prescriptions for each eye, yet reading glasses invariably have two identical lenses. 

Regardless of what type of glasses you need, it’s recommended that you get your prescription updated on a regular basis. Also, make sure to contact your Edmonton optometrist or eye doctor as soon as you begin to experience vision problems.

Prescription Eyeglasses in Greater Edmonton

Optometrists Clinic Inc provides quality prescription eyeglasses. Contact us to schedule an appointment at one of our five locations in the Greater Edmonton area and view our selection of glasses frames and lenses in store.

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