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What you need to know about eye conditions

Eye Care Emergencies & Vision Loss Info in Edmonton

What you should do if you experience:

1. Sudden Loss of Vision

In the event of loss of complete or partial vision in one or both eyes, consult an optometrist or ophthalmologist immediately. Failing this, seek a hospital visit quickly.

Loss of vision includes graying or blacking out of part or all of the field of vision in one or both eyes.

2. Chemical Splash in the Eyes

In all cases of chemical splash, immediate irrigation of the affected eye and surrounding orbit with water is called for. Putting the patient into a shower and holding the eyelids open is a good option. Make sure any debris is removed. After copious irrigation, seek attention at the nearest hospital. Make sure to be able to tell the doctor what the chemical was.

In the case of a smaller, milder event, do the same irrigation as above and seek attention with an eye doctor or medical doctor if this will be timelier than the hospital option.

3. Foreign Body/Abrasion

In the case of a small abrasion or retained foreign body, please seek attention from your eye doctor. The clinic has an on-call service available after-hours into the evening that can be reached by calling any of the clinics' numbers and obtaining the cell number of the after-hours optometrist. Please note that this service is not available overnight, and a hospital may be a better option, if waiting until morning is not an option.

For penetrating injury where the object is still in place, do not try to remove it yourself. Seek help from an eye doctor or hospital.

4. Infections

If your eye is red, sore, tearing or secreting mucus, you likely have an infection. Seek help from any of our clinics, or advice from our after-hours service. If you are a contact lens wearer, you should remove the contact lens at your earliest convenience if you cannot see a doctor in the near future.

If the eyelid has a focal swelling and is mildly painful, it is best to start with warm compresses until you can contact the clinic for an appointment.

If the swelling is more generalized, associated with heat to the touch and/or flaking of the skin over the area, or a fever and malaise exists, a more urgent condition requiring a more immediate opinion is required.

If the swelling is associated with itching, is in both eyes and you feel it might be associated with allergies, taking an antihistamine if appropriate and seeking an appointment with your eye doctor is called for.

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