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Eyeglass Adjustment and Repair Services in Edmonton

In addition to carrying a range of designer frames and prescription lenses, Optometrists Clinic Inc provides eyewear adjustment and repair services. Whether your glasses are scratched, broken or keep slipping down your nose, our team of eye care professionals can help. Contact us today in Edmonton to learn more. 

The Importance of Properly Fitted Glasses

Glasses that don’t fit properly are more than just a nuisance. In fact, ill-fitting frames can compromise your vision and negatively affect your ocular health. For one thing, if your glasses cause discomfort or frequently slip out of place, you may be less likely to wear them. This can lead to headaches and eye strain. 


What’s more, if your glasses don’t sit properly on your face, you won’t look through your lenses at the right angle, and your glasses won’t correct your vision the way they should. This can cause blurry vision, eye strain, headaches and eye fatigue.

Signs Your Glasses Need to Be Adjusted

Since properly fitted glasses are crucial for good vision, you should consult your optician or optometrist if you experience any issues. Here are a few signs that your glasses may need to be adjusted:


  • They slide down your nose. This is often an indication that the nose pads on your glasses need to be tightened. Alternatively, you might have a low nose bridge and require different frames.


  • They pinch the bridge of your nose. If your glasses cause discomfort or leave red marks on your nose, the nose pads might be misaligned. This could also be a sign that your frames are too heavy.


  • They leave marks on your cheeks. This could be a sign that your glasses are too tight. While the temples can be adjusted to provide a slightly wider fit, you may need to invest in larger frames.


  • They slip off your ears. If your glasses fly off when you quickly turn your head, this might be because the temples are stretched, bent or loose. Be sure to correct this problem to avoid damaging your glasses.


In addition to the fit of your frames, it’s also important to ensure your lenses have the correct prescription. If you have trouble seeing clearly while wearing your glasses, book an eye exam to find out if your prescription needs to be updated.

What to Do If You Break Your Glasses

If your glasses break or get damaged, you should consult your optician or optometrist as soon as possible to determine if they can be fixed or if you’ll need a new pair. In the meantime, it’s best to avoid at-home solutions that aren’t recommended by a professional.

There are also several steps you can take to reduce the risk of breaking your glasses in the first place. Among other things, you should make sure to carefully remove your glasses with both hands, store them in a protective case and have them properly fitted, so they don’t fall off.

Visit an Edmonton Area Clinic Today

Optometrists Clinic Inc is a go-to source for all your ocular health needs. If you require eyeglass adjustment or repair services, we can help. We also provide comprehensive eye exams for patients of all ages. To schedule an appointment for you or your children at one of our five convenient eye centres in Edmonton, Leduc and Weslock, contact us today.

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