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Why Should You Get an Eye Exam in Edmonton?

Most people miscalculate the importance of regular eye exams. Barring obvious vision problems, visiting an optometrist regularly is still crucial to your eye health. During a comprehensive eye exam in Edmonton, optometrists can determine much more than what contact lens or eyeglass prescription is best suited to your vision needs.

When you visit us at one of our Optometrists’ Clinic centres, we use our exams to check your eyes for a number of issues including allergies, infections, developmental conditions, and common diseases. Also, when we assess your eyes’ health, we can watch for related problems such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

If You Live in Edmonton, We Have Eye Exams for the Whole Family

Regular eye exams are crucial for each family member, regardless of age. At Optometrists’ Clinic, we offer examinations for pediatric, adult, and geriatric patients. The following tips are helpful for each age group:

An undetected vision problem may affect your child’s development and academic achievement. Routine eye exams, including binocular vision testing, can ensure that your child’s vision is developing normally.

Addressing eye problems is just as crucial for adult patients. We recommend that adults who don’t wear contacts see us every two years, and that adults who do wear contacts see us at least annually. Eye exams for adults help us catch problems before they happen, and provide needed treatment.

For our geriatric patients, a yearly visit is also recommended. Eye exams can be critical for diagnosing cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, and glaucoma. Catching these issues before they become huge problems is very important. Regardless of whether or not you wear glasses, yearly eye exams are pivotal to ensuring your ocular health.

Comprehensive Eye Exams from our Edmonton Office

Our office specializes in a variety of eye exams, including the following:

General eye exams help us determine how clear your vision is, diagnose any problems, correct your vision, and prescribe treatment for any diseases or allergies, typically in only 20 minutes.

Pediatric exams usually last only 15 minutes. We test for ocular motility, colour vision, stereopsis, general ocular health, and determine if an eyewear prescription is necessary for your child.

Ocular health exams examine and assess all of the eye’s structures. This helps us diagnose any potential eye problems you may have.


When you visit any of our locations, our optometrists will determine and treat any vision problems you or your family might have. Don’t wait any longer to diagnose and treat problems – contact your Edmonton eye exam experts today.

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