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Get the right lenses here.

Lenses for Edmonton Area Eyeglass Wearers

At Optometrists Clinic Inc, we offer a wide range of digital, anti-fog and specialty lenses to suit your vision-enhancement needs. We carry a variety of top-quality brands, which allows us to create stylish and functional customized solutions. If you need high-quality frames or eyeglasses lenses in Edmonton or the surrounding area, you can count on our expertise. Contact us today to schedule an appointment


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Photochromic lenses

Looking for lenses that offer total comfort, be it indoors or outdoors? We carry the best photochromic lenses for you. Have a look!

Zeiss Logo

ZEISS PhotoFusion X lenses

If you want optimum vision and a glare-free experience, ZEISS PhotoFusion X lenses are the best in the lot when it comes to photochromic lenses. Here’s why:

  • Photochromic lenses perfected

  • Faster clear, faster dark

  • Sunglass-level darkness outdoors

  • Up to 2.5x faster fade-back indoors

  • Unique blue light and full UA protection – outside and indoors

Want to know more? Speak to one of our optometrists today! They’ll assess your requirements and help you find the right solution.

Digital lenses

If you spend hours looking at computer screens, tablets and smartphones and are experiencing dry eyes, headaches or blurry vision, digital eye strain may be to blame.


Fortunately, we carry digital lenses to help alleviate your symptoms:

Zeiss Logo

ZEISS Digital

ZEISS Digital Lenses Are designed to keep your eyes feeling fresh and relaxed all day. They provide outstanding wearer tolerance and are backed by a guarantee. Instead of glass, the lenses are made of lightweight, highly durable plastic materials that include resin, polycarbonate and Trivex. The anti-reflective coating helps block out the blue light waves that can lead to eye fatigue. In addition, these lenses may be added to just about any style of frame that we carry. Depending on your prescription, you can choose from several colours, styles and materials.

If you spend long days in front of the computer for work, digital lenses could help improve your concentration and productivity. If you think you could benefit from this technology, speak with one of our optometrists today.

Anti-fog lenses

Many of our customers are familiar with having their glasses fog up when wearing a face mask or coming in from the cold. This phenomenon isn’t only annoying, it can be downright dangerous. The fog temporarily limits your ability to see and can be a serious hazard.


If you’re ready to put an end to having your glasses fog up, we can apply a permanent anti-fog coating to any lens style. The coating is applied to both sides of your prescription lenses before they’re cut. This innovative technology helps your vision remain clear throughout the winter and on rainy days. Anti-fog lenses are also beneficial when wearing a face mask and when cooking, playing sports and working out.


In addition, we offer anti-fog wipes and spray solutions that can easily be applied to any existing eyeglass lenses for up to 72 hours of protection. If you want to learn more about the benefits of anti-fog glasses, reach out to one of our experts.

Zeiss Logo

Specialty lenses

If you or a loved one has a known optical condition and need lenses that can help relieve some certain symptoms, we carry specialty lenses, such as:

  • Zeiss Z1 blue-tinted lenses for photosensitive epilepsy

  • FL-41 rose-tinted lenses for spasms and migraines

If you’re interested in the benefits of these lenses, speak to one of the optometrists at our clinic. They’ll assess your needs and recommend the best solution.

Zeiss Logo

BlueGuard by Zeiss

Zeiss now has a new lens that is called BlueGuard. It is the newest blue blocking technology. Blue light is a major cause of eye discomfort in the modern world. But thanks to BlueGuard by Zeiss you can block out blue rays as well as the UV rays. It filters around 40% of potentially harmful light to help you keep your eyes healthy. The design of this product is done while keeping digital strain in mind. Hence, you will be able to reduce eye strain significantly. This will be the new technology for blue light blocking lenses moving forward.

Personalized lenses

Whether you need single, bifocal, toric, prism or progressive lenses, Optometrists Clinic Inc has what you need. We carry several top eyeglass lens brands that offer various personalization options:

Zeiss Individual logo

ZEISS Individual® SV

ZEISS Individual® SV lenses are tailored to suit your specific needs and offer the latest technology and optical excellence that ZEISS is recognized for. These lenses are designed for single vision eyeglass wearers who want nothing but the best for their eyes.

Nikon SeeMax High Power logo

Nikon SeeMax High Power

The way you see is unique, that’s why the Nikon SeeMax High Power AP lenses provide the ultimate in advanced personalization features. Using the latest vision technology, the Nikon SeeMax Power AP lenses provide unmatched visual sharpness with effortless far to near vision transition. They’re customized for each wearer’s far vision power, pupil distance, near vision working distance and lens shape. In addition, SeeMax High Power lenses offer unsurpassed comfort.

Varilux S Fit logo

Varilux S Fit™

If you want the ultimate in personalization, the Varilux S Series lenses are the way to go. They useNanoptix and SynchronEyestechnologies and take into account measurements such as pantoscopic tilt, wrap angle and vertex distance.

Rodenstock logo


Rodenstockis recognized for using unique materials and expressive colours. These lenses have been worn by celebrities, artists, athletes and performers and are a result of a legacy that balances wearability and innovation.

If you want a pair of eyeglass lenses that have been custom-made for your eyes, the team at Optometrists Clinic Inc can help. We carry a wide variety of options that are durable, functional and adapted to suit your needs.

Eyeglass Lenses in Edmonton and Surrounding Areas

At Optometrists Clinic Inc, our lenses provide top-quality protection for your eyes. We stay up to date on the latest technology and offer anti-fog, digital and specialty lenses to meet our customer’s ever-changing needs. Contact us to set up an appointment. We have several locations in Edmonton as well as in Westlock and Leduc.

Trusted Brands for Protection and Style

Our glasses and contact lens are a fashionable choice, and provide top-quality protection for your eyes. Judge for yourself by visiting Optometrists Clinic Inc in the Edmonton area. Contact us to set up an appointment.

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