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Prescription Safety Glasses in the Edmonton Area

UV light isn’t the only potential hazard to your eyes; they also need protection from dangerous debris. Experts say that wearing protective eyewear can prevent up to 90 percent of all eye injuries, making the type of safety glasses you get very important. Furthermore, many jobs require safety glasses, but they can be difficult to wear over prescription lenses.

This is the major reason why Optometrists Clinic Inc provides CSA-approved prescription safety glasses to Edmonton residents. Our prescription safety glasses allow you to work without the awkwardness and discomfort of wearing safety glasses that fit clumsily over your regular prescription lenses.

What to Expect from Our Prescription Safety Glasses

Unlike regular eyewear, safety glasses must conform to a higher standard of impact resistance. This impact resistance standard is applied to both the lenses and the frames. Safety glasses are resilient to high impact and offer a level of durability that make them safe for construction sites, home workshops, and other environments where hazardous debris may be present. Not only do prescription safety glasses eliminate the need for you to wear your regular frames, but it also preserves the longevity of your original glasses.

On average prescription safety glasses are:

Tested for high and basic impact scenarios
Lenses are tested for basic impact while for high impact lenses and frames are tested together
Allowed with thinner lenses
The thinner lenses must meet the high impact standard requirement to pass
Verified through two distinct tests
The “drop ball” test determines basic impact where a one-inch diameter steel ball is dropped onto the lens from a height of 50 inches; the high impact test is determined by shooting a quarter-inch diameter steel ball at the lens at a speed of 150 feet per second.
Man with prescription glasses

EyeSafe Program

This is the partnership between industry and the Alberta Association of optometrists. Employees from those industrial partners get an eye exam and safety glasses covered through the EyeSafe program.

Schedule an Appointment with Optometrists Clinic Inc

If you need prescription safety glasses for your job, talk to the eye health professionals at Optometrists Clinic Inc. We have centres throughout Edmonton, Leduc, and Westlock.

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