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Fashion Follows Function: Treat Your Eye Glasses like a Health Device

A young beautiful girl wearing glasses

A huge variety of eye glasses frames and styles are available. Many people are now using eyewear, prescription or otherwise, as a defining element of their personal style. For most individuals, however, eye glasses and contact lenses are a crucial part of being able to see their surroundings and navigate through the world. If you require eyewear for vision correction, prioritize your prescription and the comfort of your glasses before you let trends or appearances dictate your choices. Using an outdated prescription can lead to more eye strain and discomfort. Sacrificing your routine eye exam can lead to undetected disease which can lead to long term damage.

The Optometrists’ Clinic Inc. offers a wide variety of current and fashionable frames and reliable, comfortable contact lenses that never sacrifice or jeopardize your eye health. Come to us for eye exams in Edmonton and to find the perfect pair of eye glasses. Trends to Avoid for Choosing Eyewear in Edmonton Your optometrist in Edmonton is the best person to offer advice about finding the right solution for vision correction. For general guidelines, use these tips to avoid risking your eye health for the sake of appearances: · Online Orders: It seems so easy and convenient – just type in your prescription and get a cheap pair of glasses delivered to your door. The online shopping trend is great for certain items, but does not usually work out for personalized health devices like eye glasses or contact lenses. An inaccurate prescription can lead to unnecessary eye strain or headaches. The discounted price tag also comes at the cost of quality and can lead to short-term use for people who live an active lifestyle or wear their glasses daily. Other drawbacks include limited recourse or adjustments for changing prescriptions or repairing damages and, often times, a delay in your next eye exam in Edmonton. Avoid ordering your next pair of eye glasses or contact lenses online and be sure to visit the eye doctor first to ensure the prescription you order is up-to-date and appropriate. Find eyewear that prioritizes your health and check for special offers so you don’t have to sacrifice style. Visit The Optometrists’ Clinic Inc. in Edmonton for your eye exam and to find the perfect type of contact lenses or eye glasses for your eye health and fashion taste. Book your appointment with our optometrists in Edmonton. Our Mayfield clinic is happy to accept new patients from the St. Albert area. Find your new eye glasses in Edmonton with experienced eye doctors. Contact us online or stop by one of our convenient eye clinic locations to book your appointment. We welcome new patients of all ages.


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