Ocular Health

Make sure you are in good ocular health.

Ocular Health: Eye Exam FAQ

1. What is ocular health?

Ocular health is the examination and assessment of all of the structures in and around the eyes to determine overall health and diagnose eye disease. Ocular health is thoroughly assessed at every full eye exam at our clinic.

2. Why should I have my ocular health checked?

Ocular health is examined to screen for potential eye diseases such as:

a. Glaucoma
b. Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)
c. Cataracts
d. Diabetes
e. Infections
f. Allergies

Many eye diseases can occur without symptoms so it is important to have routine examinations.

3. Who is covered for eye exams?

Children <19 Years: All Exams[1] Covered by Alberta Health Care

Seniors >65: All Exams[1] Covered by Alberta Health Care

Adults 19-64:

  • Routine Exams: Private Pay
  • Medically Necessary Exams[1,2]: Covered by Alberta Health Care

1 - Some exceptions include: contact lens assessments, photos, GDx or other imaging, refractive surgery assessments. Limited number of appointments covered per coverage year. Ask doctors or staff if unsure about coverage before examination.

2 - Medically necessary as defined by negotiations between the AAO and Alberta Health and Wellness.


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