What to expect for your general eye exam

Eye Exam FAQ

1. What can I expect from a complete eye exam?

A complete eye exam is performed to assess and correct your vision and diagnose ocular disease. It includes a thorough refraction to determine your prescription for eyewear, assessment of ocular motility and ocular health exam. You will also receive advice on the best eyewear options and on your eye health status. An average exam takes approximately 20 minutes.

2. What can I expect from a dilation exam (DFE)?

A dilated fundus exam (DFE) allows for better viewing of structures within the eye. You will arrive at the office where eye drops will be instilled to relax the iris muscles that control the size of the pupil. The average exam time, including the time it takes for the drops to take effect, is approximately 30 minutes. The dilation can last 4 to 8 hours on average so having a driver is advised.

3. What can I expect from a contact lens assessment?

A contact lens assessment can be done in addition to a complete eye exam upon request. Your contact lens assessment includes a determination of the best type of contact lens for you, assessment of the contact lens vision and fit, and further advice on lens care.

4. How often should I get my eyes tested?

Everybody has different needs for their eyes so it is advised that you ask one of our doctors or staff for further information. In general, the following guidelines are what our clinic recommends:

  • Healthy Adults: Every 2 Years

  • Contact Lens Wearers: Yearly

  • Seniors and Children: Yearly

  • Diabetics or Those with Other Ocular Diseases: Yearly Dilations

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