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Why Disposable Contacts Are Good for Active Individuals –Your Eye Doctor in Edmonton Discusses the A

Contact lenses in Edmonton Alberta

Contact lenses are an amazing solution for vision correction that can make life easier in a variety of ways. They provide a level of convenience that countless individuals find to be indispensable.

Contacts can be particularly useful to people who play sports, or are generally active. Wearing eyeglasses is not practical when you are engaged in many athletic activities. Thus, placing lenses on your eyes may enable you to participate in many events that you might otherwise need to watch from the bleachers. At Optometrists’ Clinic Inc., our goal is to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. You can browse a broad range of eyewear options that fit your lifestyle and preferences. If you are shopping for contact lenses in Edmonton, we can assist you in matching the right pair to your vision. Sports and Contact Lenses: The Benefits You may already have discovered that wearing contacts is the best choice if you play sports. However, another point to consider is that for athletes, the disposable option (also called daily lenses) is even better than the traditional kind. Consider the benefits of wearing contact lenses during athletic activities, as well as the specific advantages of using disposables:

  • Cost Efficiency – Daily contacts are generally the least expensive choice. That means that if you should lose a lens during a particularly vigorous session, you can replace it at a relatively minimal cost. Also, you will not need to spend money on cleaning and maintenance as you would with the conventional type.

  • Versatility – Another advantage of using this item is that you can switch back to glasses if that is your preference. If you are accustomed to wearing eyeglasses most of the time, you can use the disposables only when you need them.

  • Better Visibility – Since eyeglass frames may distort an otherwise panoramic view, contacts can give you a better sense of the playing field than glasses. Even sports eyeglasses may limit your peripheral vision in a way that contact lenses would not.

  • Fresh Surface – Since you will be wearing new daily lenses every time you play, you will enjoy a fresh, perfect lens surface. This detail could make all the difference in terms of your performance.

  • Decreased Chance of Eye Injury – When you utilize contacts during athletic activity, you will be far less likely to sustain an eye or face injury due to your eyewear. Even if you are using protective sports glasses, a hard fall or the impact from close contact could lead to an injury.

A Leading Team of Optometrists in Edmonton With the weather beginning to warm up, many people will begin to move outdoors and start being more active. If you have been eagerly awaiting the warmer weather so that you may participate in your sport of choice, it is time to find an option to fit your vision needs. The team at Optometrists’ Clinic Inc. is always happy to explore eyewear solutions with you, and we can help you find an ideal variety of contact lenses in Edmonton. Whether you seek coloured contacts, disposables, or an eye exam in Edmonton, we are ready to assist. Visit us at one of our convenient locations, or complete our online contact form today.


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