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What Does Your Eyewear Say About Your Personality?

Two girls wearing funky sun glasses

The nerd, the sophisticate, the fashionista, and the sportsman. These are just some of the personas we take on when we wear our sunglasses and eyewear.

When you select eyewear from our Edmonton offices, you are picking something that speaks to your personality – whether you recognize it or not. Today, glasses are more than just function; they are also fashion. Your eyewear expresses your personality just like the clothing you choose each morning and the accessories you adorn. If you think your sunglasses are nothing more than sunglasses, now is the time to see if the glasses you picked say more about you than you realize. Here is What Your Eyewear and Sunglasses Might Say About You You might be a minimalist. You could be all about the latest trends. Perhaps you are the type to play it safe. Regardless of how you view yourself, see if the glasses you picked from your optometrist in Sherwood Park match your personality. · You are a Minimalist Type – Do you consider yourself a minimalist? Then that means your lenses probably complement any style and feature a classic frame with a non-threatening colour, like black or gray. You also have indistinct frames, like semi-rimless, rimless, or oval glasses that do not take up too much of your face. · You are Trendy – You follow the trends, and you are the self-proclaimed “hipster.” Therefore, you blend vintage with modern styles, enjoy thicker rims, and even go for the edgy colours like bold reds and green. Shape-wise, you stick with the round and wayfarer styles. · You are a Rebel – Rules are made to be broken in your eyes. You like to keep up your punk rock style with thick rims, vintage frames, and take it back to the 50s. Most likely, your rims have the aviator, wayfarer, or cat-eye style. · You are the Fashionista – If it is in style, you own it, wear it, and move on the second it is no longer a “thing.” That means you wear the designer frames with sophisticated stylings. You enjoy the ornate accents, such as diamond pieces or gold flakes in the paint. The precision details make your glasses stand out, and these are not just purely functional; they are accessories for your everyday awesome wardrobe. · You are Bohemian – You prefer the funky, unique shapes, bright colours and patterns, and everything about the shape of your lenses is exaggerated; such as an oversized cat-eye. · You are Sporty – For you, it is all about function now. You are ready to take on the most extreme conditions, which is why you prefer the wrap-around, semi-rimless, and rectangle glasses that get the job done. · You are a Nerd – Being a nerd today is considered cool. You are enjoying the geek-chic style with a circle or horn-rimmed shaped eyewear, vintage and classic colours, and embracing functionality more than style. Find Sunglasses and Eyewear in Edmonton to Suit Your Personality No matter what personality you associate best with, now is the time to find the lenses, frames, and styles that match the real you. Come over to The Optometrists’ Clinic, Inc. to explore our array of fashionable, traditional, and sport-ready eyewear. Meet with your optometrist in Sherwood Park to get a prescription or a professional fitting. For non-prescription eyewear, your glasses might be ready the same day. The Optometrists’ Clinic, Inc. carries the hippest brands, styles, and colours to choose from when it comes to eyewear and sunglasses in Edmonton. Feel free to contact us to schedule an eye exam and get your new glasses today.


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