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What Are Enchroma Glasses and How Do They Work?

Enchroma Glasses


Did you know that more than two million Canadians have some type of colour-blindness? Until recently, there wasn’t much that could be done for people with this condition.

Now, thanks to EnChroma lenses, people all over the world can see the world in colour. Here’s everything you need to know about this exciting technology.

What is colour-blindness?

To comprehend how EnChroma lenses can help, it’s important to understand what colour-blindness is. Normally, retinas contain cone photoreceptors that detect red, green and blue light. These allow the brain to experience a full spectrum of colours. People with colour-blindness have certain photoreceptors that overlap or aren’t present at all, making it impossible to see certain tones or differentiate between some colours. There are different types of colour-blindness, including the most common, which is called red-green colour-blindness. This means that people with colour blindness have difficulty differentiating certain colours compared to the rest of the population Colour-blindness doesn’t just impact the way people see the world, it affects many aspects of their everyday lives, including the opportunities that are available to them. In fact, people with the condition can’t pursue piloting, electrical work and a number of other professions.

What are EnChroma lenses?

EnChroma lenses were originally created as a type of eye protection for surgeons performing laser surgery. They look like regular sunglasses but are coated with a special material that exaggerates some wavelengths of light and blocks others. By blocking some of the wavelengths of light coming into the eye, the red and green light wavelengths don’t overlap as much as they usually do. This allows the brain to see each colour quicker and clearer. This special technology allows people with colour-blindness to detect the differences between colours and add vibrancy to tones they usually don’t experience.

Will EnChroma glasses work for me?

EnChroma glasses can help people with red-green colour-blindness, which is the most common type. People with more rare varieties, such as blue-yellow colour-blindness or monochromatic vision won’t benefit from these glasses.

How can you get your own pair?

If you’d like to know more about EnChroma lenses and whether or not they can help you, ask your Optometrists’ Clinic eye doctor at your next routine eye exam. With five locations in and around Edmonton, there’s always someone available to help. Call the location closest to you to make an appointment.


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