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Vacation Eyewear Essentials

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With the winter months upon us, numerous Canadians will be taking advantage of vacation time to visit family and friends, as well as to travel to other places. If you are planning a vacation this winter, you will need to pack according to your chosen destination. If you are going on a ski trip and staying in a cabin in the mountains, you will require warm clothing and accessories. A trip to a sunny island or other tropical location may involve beach gear and other warm-weather items.

While you are packing for your vacation, the team at Optometrists’ Clinic Inc. wants to remind you to bring eyewear that is suitable for your trip. A different climate may require additional eyewear items to protect your eyes from the elements. Packing the Right Eyewear for Your Trip Once you know what kind of weather to expect, as well as the kinds of activities you are planning, you can determine which eyewear you will probably need during your vacation. Consider these points before you pack your bags and load them up to go: · Goggles: If you will be spending time on the slopes, you must be certain that your eyes remain protected. Sunglasses may not be enough to shield your eyes properly from the wind and the glare of the sun. The reflection of the sun bouncing off the snow can result in a highly intensified degree of sunlight. Ski goggles can protect you from the various types of UV rays that cause damage to the eyes. Since goggles cover a broader area than glasses, they may also help you to avoid getting skin cancer on your eyelids. This is important because the eyelids are particularly thin and sensitive, and they may be more vulnerable to skin cancer than other parts of the body. · Tinted Lenses: If you will be visiting a tropical location or other very sunny destination, be sure to bring a pair of quality sunglasses. Not all sunglasses provide complete UV protection, so be sure to raise this topic when you are shopping at our eyewear centre. You will need sunglasses that protect your eyes from all UV rays to ensure that your eyes get the maximum amount of protection. If you wear eyeglasses instead of contacts, you can also buy transition lenses that will adapt to your immediate location. When you are indoors, the lenses are clear, and when you go outdoors, the lenses darken to shield your eyes from the sunlight. Also, remember to bring a hat with a wide brim, so your eyes, scalp, and skin get as much protection and possible. · Eye Exam: Another point to consider is that your vision can change over time. Be sure to schedule an eye exam before you leave for your vacation. You will not want to discover during your trip that your current prescription is no longer optimal. By getting your eyes examined beforehand, you can address any changes or other issues, so you will be free to enjoy your time away from home. The staff at the Optometrists’ Clinic, Inc. are available to help you shop for any eyewear that you might need on your next vacation. We hope that you will pack protective gear for your eyes, so you can return from your trip safe, happy, and well-rested. Whether you are looking for sunglasses, eyeglasses, or contact lenses in Edmonton, the Optometrists’ Clinic, Inc. is the place to go. Visit us at one of our locations, or fill out our online contact form today.


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