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The Most Popular Fashion Frames for 2023 and Beyond

Woman wearing a pair of cat-eye shaped frame glasses

Ready for an updated look? A new pair of trendy eyeglasses can set you apart from the crowd. This year, classic looks with modern features are in style, and so are some unique designs to add panache to any ensemble. Here’s a roundup of trendy glasses for 2023.

  1. Cat-eye frames American artist and designer Altina Schinasi Miranda first invented cat-eye glasses in the late 1920s after noticing a lack of stylish reading glasses for women. Today, these glasses are back in fashion for women in business and academic circles. They’re especially well suited for round face shapes.

  2. Clear or white frames Transparent or white frames suit any face shape or complexion for women and men. They’re typically made from xylonite, nylon or epoxy resin. Clear frames are virtually colourless and nearly invisible on your face.

  3. Big, Bold frames Thick-rimmed glasses in bold, bright colours or funky patterns are popular right now. For example, people are gravitating toward frames embellished with butterflies, flowers and leopard print to express their personality and make a statement. Like cat-eye frames, the trend is toward shapes that add angles to your face.

  4. Flat-top aviators Aviators have been in fashion for decades, and this year the style is flat-topped aviators for a bolder look. You usually associate aviators with sunglasses, but aviators are also a trendy eyeglasses selection.

  5. Geometric frames Frames in groovy hexagonal and octagonal shapes are currently at the forefront of fashion. Whether you’re looking for something subtle or bold, these futuristic frames will transform your face. Geometric glasses suit many different face shapes, including square, round, heart, diamond, oval and triangular.

  6. Perfectly round frames If geometric shapes like rectangles and pentagons aren’t your style, consider going to the other end of the spectrum with round glasses. Perfect for square or rectangular face shapes, round glasses are appropriate for business and casual attire. Pick thick frames for a bold, memorable look or thinner frames for more elegance.

  7. Oversized square frames Bringing back a classic, retro vibe, square frames are all the rage this year. This oversized, 70s-inspired shape is especially flattering on round faces as the angles add dimension and interest.

  8. Sporty frames Athletic-inspired frames are on trend in 2023. Rectangular, semi-rimless frames are coming back in style and look great on most face shapes because of their simplicity. Many brands make sporty designs that can take you from day to night.

  9. Tortoiseshell frames When it comes to frame material, tortoiseshell is a perennial favourite. With so many patterns and variations, you can be confident that your frames are unique. You can find classic or trendy tortoiseshell eyeglasses in a myriad of styles.

  10. Wire frames If you love minimalism, a pair of thin wire frames may be just what you’re looking for. These stylish metal frames are understated and give the appearance that you’re not wearing any glasses at all. Refresh this classic style by going slightly larger in size. Keep in mind that this type of frame is only suitable for low prescriptions as the delicate frame can’t hold thick lenses.

  11. Upcycled frames Reducing your environmental footprint is always in fashion, so consider frames made from upcycled or recycled materials. For example, Vinylize manufactures frames made from old vinyl records — you can still see the grooves. Other brands make their frames from recycled plastic bottles.

How to Pick the Right Pair of Eyeglasses

When it comes to finding the perfect pair of frames, there are several factors to consider, including the shape, colour and fit. For example, certain frame shapes can accentuate or slim your facial features, while the colour of the frame can contrast or complement your skin tone. Your lifestyle can also come into play when choosing a pair of frames. For instance, you may want a pair of playful glasses for weekends and a comfortable, functional pair for work. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different silhouettes and create a wardrobe of eyeglasses to suit different occasions. Whether you want your eyeglasses to complement your outfit or express your quirky fashion sense, Optometrists’ Clinic Inc. has something for everyone from prescription to reading glasses. We also carry an impressive selection of designer sunglasses so you can change up your style.

Stylish Prescription and Reading Glasses for 2023 Available in Edmonton and Alberta

At Optometrists’ Clinic Inc., we carry a wide range of fashionable frames from some of the world’s top designers, including Nina Mûr, Tom Ford and Alain Mikli. This year, our buyers attended the MIDO Eyewear show in Milan, Italy, from February 4 to 6, seeking out the latest frames to keep our customers on-trend. Visit one of our clinics in Edmonton, Leduc or Westlock to browse and try on our new frames, or contact us today to book an appointment.


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