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The Dangers of Buying Glasses Online

The ups and downs of online eyewear in Edmonton, Alberta

More and more people are buying their eyeglasses and contacts online to take advantage of free shipping and cheaper prices. While it can be tempting to order online and save a few dollars, be aware that there is more at risk than an unflattering frame. Keep in mind the following pros and cons before choosing how to order your next pair of glasses.

Pros to Ordering Glasses Online

  • Price – No doubt, the biggest draw for online orders is the reduced cost of glasses. You may sacrifice build, coatings and scratch resistance, but if price is your biggest deciding factor, some online retailers offer this advantage.

  • Trendy frames – While you can find stylish frames at your optometrist’s office, if you are looking for multiple pairs of trendy or statement frames, it may make sense to order online. The reduced cost may make it easier to justify owning multiple pairs for different occasions.

Cons to Ordering Glasses Online

  • Prescription accuracy – When ordering glasses or contacts online, you enter your own prescription. The risk of entering a typo or outdated number is high.

  • One prescription measurement – Usually, only one prescription is entered per pair of glasses or contacts. That means both eyes receive the same prescription strength, despite the fact that most people have different vision in each eye.

  • Progressive lenses are tricky – Most online orders for progressive lenses have a low success rate. Fine-tuning is often needed, and even tiny adjustments have a huge impact on the user.

  • Growing eyes need more attention – Ordering children’s glasses online is particularly risky because any error in the prescription can lead to more permanent and progressive damage. Children may not notice or report a problem with their new glasses, so it’s important to get the prescription right the first time.

  • Comfort – Whether you wear your glasses or contacts 24/7 or just for activities like reading or driving, comfort is key. Everyone’s face is different, and because glasses can rest differently depending on your ears and nose, it can be a challenge to order glasses online that fit comfortably.

  • The right look – While online styles are extensive, knowing how those frames will actually look on your face can be tricky. Virtual style comparisons have advanced with new digital platforms and technologies, but they still can’t beat trying them on in person.

Make an informed decision before purchasing your next pair of glasses or contacts. Visit your optometrist or local eye doctor for a proper, updated prescription. The Optometrists’ Clinic Inc. can help with trained professionals and a range of frame styles. Contact us at one of our convenient locations to learn more or to book your optometrist visit.


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