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Senior Eye Care: Tips to Maintain Your Eyes and Eyewear

Eye exams in Edmonton Alberta

Your sight is an important part of your comfort, enjoyment, and ease when getting through the day. As we get older, caring for eyewear can become a more difficult task. Thankfully, with support from your St. Albert optometrist, caring for your eyes and eye glasses does not need to be an extensive or lengthy process. Factor a few minutes into your daily routine or weekly schedule and enjoy secure, safe, and effective eyewear in Edmonton.

If you need a new prescription or find that your existing eyewear has become uncomfortable or too difficult to maintain, visit the experienced team at The Optometrists Clinic Inc. for an updated prescription or frame style. We offer a diverse array of eyewear to choose from and can recommend the best eyeglasses for your particular vision requirements and lifestyle. From preventative treatment to low maintenance glasses and comfortable nose pads, we can find the right pair of eyeglasses that suit your personality and vision. Easy Methods to Care for Your Eye Glasses Follow these 3 steps to keep your eyewear in great condition: 1. Care for Your Eyes: A great way to ensure the longevity of your glasses is to go directly to the source and keep your eyes healthy. Focus on maintaining your vision acuity with a few simple and effective techniques. First, be sure to schedule and attend an eye exam once per year. If you notice changing vision or symptoms of pressure or discomfort between appointments, don’t hesitate to visit your Edmonton optometrist again sooner. Maintain a balanced diet and avoid eye strain by focusing on objects in the distance after 20 minutes of screen time. Wear sunglasses and wear your eyeglasses consistently to support your vision and protect your eyes. 2. Care for Your Eye Glasses: Get a dedicated case and keep your eyewear in the same place every night. A clip or other holder can ensure your glasses are always at hand, especially if you have mobility issues or live on a multi-floor home. Regularly cleaning your eyeglasses with mild dish soap, water, and a smooth, clean cotton cloth can make a world of difference in how well you see. 3. Be Aware of Common Problems: Having some familiarity with common vision problems that seniors encounter can help you spot the signs and symptoms before they become major issues or impairments. Cataracts, macular damage, dry eyes, glaucoma, and retinal disorders can all develop as you age. Be aware of changes in vision, discomfort, extended or regular dryness, increased tear production, spotting, flashing lights or floaters. If you have not had your annual eye exam in Edmonton or have noticed changes or other issues related to your sight, contact The Optometrists’ Clinic Inc. for attentive and experienced services. Our optometrists in St. Albert and across our convenient eye clinic locations can provide eye care tailored to your aging eyes and offer eyewear options that are comfortable, affordable, and effective for clear vision. Visit us for updated Edmonton eyeglasses and optical care. Contact us online or visit us in-person to tell us more about your eye health and learn about our services.


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