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Seasonal Allergies and How they Affect Your Eyes — Tips from Your Local Eye Care Professionals in Ed

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If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you know how they can wreak havoc on your body. Allergies can also affect your eyes. You may even have experienced some symptoms with your eyes and not realized they were related to allergies.

How to Combat Seasonal Allergies in Edmonton Your local eye care experts in Edmonton can help you find many eyewear and eye care solutions. You may want to discuss allergy symptoms during your next eye exam. However, you might take several actions to reduce the effects that allergies have on your eyes. Here is a general outline of what seasonal allergies are, how they typically affect your eyes, and what measures you can take to prevent them. · Seasonal Allergies: While perennial allergies may affect you all year long, seasonal allergies only appear during certain times of the year. A perennial allergy might be one caused by dust or pet dander, which can be present at any time of year. Seasonal allergies are often caused by pollen or ragweed. Seasonal allergens tend to be present in the spring, late summer, and fall. · Reaction: Once an allergen touches your eyes, the mast cells in the eyes are alerted. To protect the eyes, the mast cells release a chemical substance that may trigger allergy symptoms. · Symptoms: Your eyes might manifest a variety of symptoms when seasonal allergies are at their worst. The eyes may become red and itchy. They can also feel as though they are burning. You might notice a discharge that is clear coming from the eyes. This discharge is very similar to the tears that result from crying. · Management: Although you cannot prevent allergies from occurring entirely, you can take some preventative steps. Keep your home and car windows closed during allergy season. Change the filters in your air conditioners at the beginning and end of every season. Wash your hands after you have been outdoors. When you are outside, be sure to wear glasses or sunglasses to protect your eyes. · Other Solutions: Talk to your local eye doctor about over-the-counter allergy medication. This can help you manage the symptoms of season allergies. You might also use eye drops when your eyes are affected. If you wear contact lenses, consider ordering disposable contacts during allergy seasons. Allergies can certainly cause annoying symptoms for those who suffer from them. When your eyes are red, itchy, burning, and watery, you may find it difficult to function as normal. At Optometrists’ Clinic Inc., our team is delighted to help you with all of your eye care issues. We can schedule a general eye exam, address any specific concerns you might have, and help you choose the eyewear that is right for you. Visit our online contact page to schedule an eye exam or other appointment. You may also come to one of our clinics to shop for glasses in the Edmonton area.


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