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Regular Checkups: A Critical Part of Vision Care

Often people will not notice when their vision has changed. Small warning signs are often brushed off during a busy day and forgotten until they progress to a more serious stage.

Why Eye Exams are Important As with most health concerns, preventative care is the best way to ensure you get the proper care in a timely and effective manner. Catching eye problems early will help you save money, time and your vision in the long run. Here are a few reasons why regular eye exams are a critical part of your overall vision care:

  • Treatment is easier – When you receive regular eye exams, there is a better chance that you will catch any small changes to your vision when they are at a treatable stage. Many conditions gradually become worse over time as we age, especially since we use our eyes each and every day. If a condition progresses before it is diagnosed, it may become more difficult or impossible to treat.

  • Reveal other health problems – Sometimes, underlying and life-threatening illnesses have been uncovered by optometrists performing routine eye exams. Health issues like high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, vascular diseases and tumours in the brain or eye have been discovered through eye exams.

  • Frequency of appointments – The frequency of your eye exams will change as you age, but at each stage of your life, they are an important factor for your overall health. Infants should have their eyes inspected starting at six months of age. At age three and five, a visit to the optometrist should also be scheduled. Once entering elementary school, annual appointments should be added to the calendar. It is recommended that adults under 40 get their eyes checked once every two to three years. Adults over 40 years old should see an eye doctor every two years, and those over 65 should schedule an appointment annually. Any pain, changes or vision disturbances should be assessed by an eye doctor as soon as possible.

Being an advocate for your own health includes scheduling regular eye exams. Maintain your overall health and enjoy a clear view of the world around you! Visit your optometrist or local eye doctor to schedule your eye exam appointment. The Optometrists’ Clinic Inc. can help you care for your eyes throughout various stages of your life. Contact us at one of our locations in Alberta to learn more about preventative eye health or to book your appointment with an optometrist.


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