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Stay Safe on the Slopes - Why Proper Eye Care is Crucial for Winter Sports

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With overcast skies and flurries falling, it is easy to see why so many people forget the importance of eye protection and eyewear when they plan for a day of winter sports. Whether you are headed out skiing, prefer snowboarding, or are bundling up for a day of hiking, don’t forget your sunglasses in Edmonton. Some eye protection can make a big difference in how much you enjoy the activity and how well your eyes feel after a long day outdoors. Maintain your eye health and protect your vision with the proper eyewear.

Find the right pair of polarized goggles, eyeglasses, or contact lenses in Edmonton with assistance from The Optometrists’ Clinic Inc. team. We welcome new patients and provide services including eye exams and eye glasses. 4 Reasons Eyewear is Essential for Winter Sports in Edmonton Not convinced that you need to bring your sunglasses or eyewear up to the mountains? Consider these 4 reasons that optometrists in Edmonton consider eye protection a ‘must have’ when it is time to take part in favourite winter activities: 1. Secure: Whether you are walking on a cross-country trail, carving your way through fresh powder, or taking on the bunny hills with the kids, you do not want to be distracted by inconvenient, uncomfortable, or obstructive eyewear. Specialized eye glasses or goggles are secure and ensure your line of vision is not the cause of any tumbles, accidents, or wipe outs. 2. Protection: The element of speed that most of us love about winter sports can also present its own risks and dangers. The right eyewear will not only help keep you warm, as it leaves less of your sensitive facial skin exposed, it will also protect your eyes from debris. Snow, ice, branches, and other particles that get carried and whipped around by the wind can put a damper on an otherwise fun day. The right goggles can keep minor encounters with debris from turning into an afternoon spent in pain. 3. Contrast: The winter wonderland is a beautiful playground, but all that white stuff leaves little for your eyes to differentiate between. The right pair of polarized goggles can increase your perception of contrast, making it easier to navigate moguls, identify bumps, and avoid hazards on the trails. Different tints and lens colours will have a different impact. For the most versatile option, consider lenses with a brown tint. They can be worn in a variety of lighting and weather conditions with reliable results. 4. Glare: Even if the sun is not shining directly in your eyes, it can still cause a lot of problems for visibility. White snow can be extremely reflective, leading to a ton of glare and eye strain on long runs. Increase visibility and improve your longevity with the right eyewear. Photochromic lenses can adapt to the sunrays that are out and, depending on the style, won’t impact your range of sight or motion. Ready to get outdoors? Get prepared with the proper eyewear from The Optometrists’ Clinic Inc. in Edmonton. Our optometrists offer comprehensive eye care services for patients from Edmonton, St. Albert, and the surrounding area. We welcome new patients and can provide tailored advice for your favourite winter sport or other lifestyle activities. Learn more about eye care for your winter sports and fun activities in Edmonton. Contact us online or visit our conveniently located eye clinics to schedule your appointment.


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