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Our Guide to Daily Use Disposable Contact Lenses in Edmonton

Contact lenses in Edmonton Alberta

Considering contact lenses? Daily use, disposable lenses are growing in popularity. Find out more about them in our blog from your local Edmonton optometrists!

Daily disposable contact lenses are more popular than ever! Unlike lenses that are made to be worn for two weeks or as long as a month, daily disposables are opened in the morning, worn throughout the day, and disposed of at night. At Optometrists' Clinic Inc., we provide a range of contact lenses in Edmonton, including daily disposable contact lenses, to people with a wide variety of vision needs. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of disposable lenses as well as the answers to some commonly asked questions.

The Benefits of Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

The growing popularity of daily disposable contact lenses is due to their many attractive benefits, including:

  • Comfort Daily disposables have a highly breathable design that makes them comfortable to wear. Using a brand new lens every day also means there is less opportunity for irritating debris to settle on the contacts.

  • Safety A clean and fresh lens every day significantly reduces the chance of eye infections. Improper lens hygiene becomes virtually a non-issue, and there is very little time for any dangerous deposits of calcium or hairspray to form - a common issue with longer-wear lenses.

  • Allergy relief The short duration for which daily disposable contact lenses are worn provides limited opportunity for allergens to settle on and soak into the lens. This makes daily disposables a great option for chronic or seasonal allergy sufferers.

  • Convenience Because daily disposables are simply thrown away, they don't require any special storage. You likewise won't have to remember to clean them every day or to pick up more cleaning solution when you run out.

Can I Wear My Daily Disposables for Longer Than One Day?

Daily disposable contact lenses are not made to be worn for longer than a single day. Because they are optimized for comfort and only intended for one-time use, the lenses are thin and not designed to resist germs. Wearing the lenses for longer can risk infection, even if you try to clean the lenses with a disinfecting solution. In fact, doing so will actually cause the lenses to break down faster.

Are Disposable Contact Lenses Available as Multifocals?

People with presbyopia usually wear corrective eyeglasses with multifocal lenses that offer a transition between near and distant vision. The good news is that daily disposable contact lenses are also available as multifocals. A correct prescription from one of our optometrists, a carefully selected lens, and a proper fitting will ensure that your multifocal contact lenses allow you to enjoy seamless vision when looking at objects both far away and up close.

We Make Finding The Right Contact Lenses in Edmonton Easy!

If you’re interested in daily disposable contact lenses and they sound like a good option for you, then come visit Optometrists' Clinic Inc. We offer a range of daily disposable contact lenses in Edmonton from trusted brands, including CIBA VISION® and ACUVUE®. Our experienced optometrists are committed to staying informed about the newest contact lens technology, such as daily disposable multifocal and specialty lenses. We also offer online contact order forms so when you’re ready to order a refill of an existing prescription you just need to visit our website and choose the clinic closest to you. To get fitted for your new contact lenses in the Edmonton area, just contact Optometrists' Clinic Inc. and set up an appointment at an eye center near you today.


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