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How the Monocle Became a Symbol of Wealth

Eyewear has served as one aspect of history in many ways. From the spectacles that the American statesman, Benjamin Franklin wore to the famous glasses worn by the musician, John Lennon, eyewear has characterized numerous historical figures over the years.

No matter what your vision needs may be, we want you to be as comfortable in your eyewear as were the countless public personalities before you. The team at Optometrists’ Clinic, Inc. is always ready to assist you in finding the perfect eyeglasses or contact lenses. Exploring the Monocle’s History with Your Edmonton Eye Care Professionals One type of eyewear with a rich history is the monocle. Have you ever wondered why the monocle became associated with wealth? Here are some interesting facts about this singular piece of glass: · Status Symbol: This diminutive variety of eyewear has long been regarded as a symbol of status and affluence. Canadian Sir Louis-Napoléon Casault, who was a powerful, wealthy politician in the mid-1800s, wore this type of vision enhancer. · First Emergence: One historian notes that the monocle seemed to emerge publicly at about the turn of the 19th century. This appearance took place in Great Britain. · Further Popularity and Development: After its emergence in Great Britain, the eyewear was quickly embraced by people in Germany. There, it was developed even further. · Luxury in the Design: By its very design, the monocle appeared to be destined to serve the wealthy. The frame needed to be custom fitted for comfort, which was a costly prospect. The frame was typically made from luxury materials, such as tortoiseshell, silver, and gold. · Impractical: Because the expensive materials rendered the monocle relatively heavy, it was highly susceptible to the pull of gravity. This meant that it needed to be worn on a chain to prevent mishaps. That sort of impractical design was something that only the affluent could afford to endure. · Elegant Style: This small piece of glass has also been deemed an elegant choice by society’s elite. That hint of elegance was mentioned in an Optical Journal article in 1950. Eyeglasses to Match Your Lifestyle in Edmonton Although you might not feel compelled to wear a monocle, choosing the right type of eyewear is important. The frames you select should reflect your individual sense of style. Your lenses should always fit your visual requirements, and they should be made from the best and most modern technology. At the Optometrists’ Clinic, Inc., we offer solutions to suit a broad range of eye care needs. Always remember that your vision can change, so it is essential to come in for regular eye exams. Your ocular health is an important aspect of your overall health. Fashion trends in eyewear, like the monocle, come and go, but good eye health is always in style. The Optometrists’ Clinic, Inc. has a few eyewear centres in the area. Feel free to contact us when you need to shop for glasses in Edmonton. We can also assist you in shopping for contact lenses and sunglasses.


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