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How Sunglasses Can Help Prevent Migraines Triggered by the Sun—And More!

Isn’t it wonderful to say goodbye to the winter finally? The sun shines bright again. The days are increasingly longer and hotter.

However, this may not necessarily be a cause for celebration for many who are sensitive to sunlight or “photophobic”, as they say. Your eye doctors at our Optometrists’ Clinic, with five locations throughout the Greater Edmonton region, will tell you that approximately 60% of headaches are caused by lights, including the bright glare of the sun. The number is enough to make you run for cover, especially if you are among the affected individuals.

If you have sensitive eyes and suffer from frequent migraine attacks in the peak of summer, you may already be aware of how sunglasses can save the day, simply by shielding your eyes from the sun. However, not all sunglasses are created equal. You need a good quality pair that can keep out harmful UV rays for the ultimate protection.

Why You Need Sunglasses with UV Protection

The ultraviolet rays of the sun, especially UVB that burns the skin easily, is just as harmful for your eyes. The lens within your eye is made up of proteins that help you see clearly. UVB rays affect the proteins in your lens, so the focus gets cloudy. If you think this sounds dangerous, learn more!

  • Cataracts and Pinguecula: Eyecare professionals warn that long term sun exposure can lead to more severe conditions like cataracts or pinguecula where yellow fatty deposits clog the white of your eye, caused by UV damage to the collagen.
  • Photo Keratitis: Prolonged exposure to the sun from the UV rays reflected from water or sand can damage the outer layers of the cornea, causing Ultraviolet Keratitis or Photo Keratitis. Be careful when you swim outdoors and spend long hours on the beach.
  • Skin cancer of the eyelid: Intense sun exposure can also lead to basal cell carcinoma. It starts with a little spot or sore on the eyelid and can rapidly deteriorate to bring on your worst nightmare, skin cancer.

Your eyes deserve better. Invest in high quality sunglasses that block UV rays and beat those bad migraine attacks. Our lenses aim to block all light shorter than 400 nanometers as these are the harmful rays. Not sure how to choose the right sunglasses for migraineurs? Read below.

3 Ways to Choose the Right Sunglasses for Migraineurs

  1. Sunglasses with UV Rating: Dark tints may not always help. On the contrary, they may dilate your pupils to allow more UV rays into your eyes. You need to select eyewear that offers 100% UV protection from both UVA and UVB.
  2. Good Fit: UV rays can filter in from the gap around your sunglasses. Get a pair that fits you well, but comfortably.
  3. Polarized Lens: This type of lens helps block out the sharp glare from scattered sunlight.

Invest in Quality Sunglasses from Optometrists’ Clinic in Edmonton

Remember to protect your children from the harmful effects of UV rays too and prepare them with better vision in the future. If you have prescription wear, get customized sunglasses designed by professionals from trusted eyecare centres like Optometrists’ Clinic. Don’t forget to see your eye doctor in Edmonton for an eye exam before you place your order. Schedule your next eye exam in Edmonton with the team at Optometrists’ Clinic, Inc. Whether you need prescription sunglasses, the latest in fashion or high quality but affordable options, you will find everything at our Edmonton-area locations. Contact us today to get started!