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How Pregnancy Can Affect Your Vision


Did you know that pregnancy can cause changes to your vision?

Though some of these are temporary and easy to treat, others can be symptoms of something far more serious. Here is a guide to help you identify the potential eye problems that might arise during pregnancy. Dry eyes Hormone fluctuations can cause a reduction in tear production, so you may notice that your eyes are drier and itchier than normal. Your optometrist can prescribe drops or gels that are safe for pregnant women in order to alleviate your symptoms, which usually go away once you give birth. If the symptoms don’t go away, however, your optometrist can continue to provide a prescription for artificial tears. Diabetes If you have diabetes, you’re already at risk for diabetic eye diseases and should get an eye exam annually. Your risk for such complications may increase during pregnancy, so be sure not to skip your appointment. In addition, those with gestational diabetes face similar risks to their ocular health. If you’re diagnosed with gestational diabetes during pregnancy, be sure to schedule an appointment for an eye exam to ensure you haven’t developed any vision-related complications. Blurred vision Pregnancy can sometimes cause blurred vision, which usually isn’t serious and can be remedied by wearing glasses if necessary. In most cases, your vision will return to normal after you deliver. If your blurred vision is accompanied by other symptoms, such as loss of vision, light sensitivity, or seeing auras or spots, consult a doctor right away — these symptoms could be indicators of preeclampsia. Preeclampsia Certain vision changes should be looked at by a doctor, as they may be a sign of a dangerous condition called preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is marked by unusually high blood pressure during pregnancy. Loss of vision, light sensitivity, seeing auras or spots, and blurry vision can be signs of preeclampsia. Other physical symptoms are swelling in the feet, legs and hands, so see your doctor right away if you have a combination of these symptoms. An Edmonton eye clinic Optometrists’ Clinic Inc. has served the Edmonton area since 1948. If you’re experiencing vision-related symptoms during pregnancy, or if you simply want to ensure your eyes are healthy, give us a call right away. We’re experienced in identifying vision problems that occur during pregnancy and can advise you as to treatment options should an issue be uncovered.


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