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How LUMIFY Eye Drops Can Relieve Eye Redness

eye drops for eye redness

It’s normal to occasionally experience red or bloodshot eyes. Here’s what you need to know about this harmless occurrence and how to determine if eye drops are right for you.

What Is Eye Redness and What Causes It?

Red eyes occur when small blood vessels under the eye’s surface become inflamed. Several things can make your eyes red, including allergies, wearing contacts for a long time, lack of sleep, digital eye strain and more. Red eyes are often harmless and temporary. However, if the redness is accompanied by pain, swelling, light sensitivity or impaired vision, it could indicate a more serious issue. Red eyes have been associated with such conditions as glaucoma, pink eye and uveitis.

How Eye Drops Treat Red Eyes

Traditional redness-reducing eye drops contain a decongestant, a type of medicine that temporarily reduces swelling of the eye’s blood vessels. However, decongestants constrict the arteries in your eyes, approving the appearance, but making you dependant on this drug to keep the eyes white. Therefore, your eyes may become redder once the drops wear off. This rebound effect can worsen over time, leading to persistent red eye. LUMIFY eye drops relieve redness like no other. Of all the eye drop products you can buy over the counter, LUMIFY is the only one containing low-dose brimonidine. This medication selectively targets redness to help your eyes look whiter and brighter for up to eight hours. The low-dose brimonidine restricts the venules in the eyes, which helps relieve redness without causing rebound redness. Optometrists recommend LUMIFY eye drops because they’re clinically proven safe, effective and free from bleach and dyes. They also don’t lose efficacy over time when used as directed. LUMIFY is now available for purchase in Canada, without a prescription. We carry it at all five of our clinics so you can walk in to purchase at your convenience.

When to Use Drops to Reduce Eye Redness

You should always consult an eye doctor before purchasing red eye relief drops. Overusing anti-redness eye drops can make your eyes dependent on them, making the redness worse. An optometrist can examine your eyes, determine the cause of your red eyes and find the best way to treat them.

Eye Doctors and Eye Care Specialists in Edmonton

If you occasionally suffer from red eyes, the team at Optometrists’ Clinic Inc. in Edmonton can help. We proudly carry LUMIFY eye drops to help you find fast relief. We can also conduct an eye exam to swiftly detect and treat a variety of eye diseases and conditions. Our team cares about your eye health and offers a wide range of solutions to suit your particular vision needs. Contact us today to set up an appointment.


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