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How to Choose Eyeglass Frames for Kids

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As a parent, ensuring the well-being of your child's eyesight and eye health is a top priority. If your little one has been prescribed kids’ eyeglasses, you might find yourself overwhelmed with the multitude of options available. Here’s what you should consider when selecting the ideal frames for your child.

1. Select a good frame size

When choosing kids’ glasses, prioritize frames that fit snugly without being too tight. Look for frames that sit comfortably on the bridge of their nose and don’t press against their temples. This ensures the glasses stay in place while your child is active. Your optician can help you select the right fit for your child.

2. Choose a durable material

Kids are notorious for their energetic lifestyles, which often involve accidental tumbles and rough play. Choose frames made from durable materials like acetate or flexible metal. These materials can withstand the wear and tear of daily activities, ensuring the glasses last longer. Optometrists’ Clinic Inc. carries NanoVista children’s glasses which have flexible rubber hinges and are constructed from patented SILIFLEX™ material, which is lightweight, flexible and nearly indestructible.

3. Pick frames your child will love wearing

Finding the right frame style is crucial for your child's confidence and comfort. Let your child express their individuality by having them choose their glasses with you. Explore various shapes, colours and patterns to match their personal taste and style, boosting their enthusiasm and confidence about wearing glasses.

4. Opt for safe lens materials

Kids’ glasses should prioritize safety alongside style. Polycarbonate lenses are a good choice for impact resistance. Quality plastic lenses can be a good choice for many kids too. These lenses provide protection against accidental falls and sports-related mishaps.

5. Remember sunglasses

Children are more sensitive to UV light than adults because they have larger pupils than adults and generally spend more time outside than adults. So, when buying kids’ eyeglasses, you should also consider children’s sunglasses. Whether at the beach, building a snowman or playing at the park, children should wear sunglasses when outside.

6. Select flexible hinges and cable temples

Spring or rubber hinges allow the frame temples to spring outwards, making them more resilient. Additionally, kids’ frames with cable temples wrap around the back of the ear to better hold the glasses in place.

7. Schedule regular eye exams

Regular pediatric eye exams are essential to monitor any changes in your child’s vision and ocular health and ensure they have the correct prescription. Licensed opticians at Optometrists’ Clinic can also offer expert guidance in selecting the perfect children’s glasses.

Pediatric Eye Exams and Children’s Eyewear in Edmonton, Leduc and Westlock

At Optometrists’ Clinic Inc., our team of professionals understands the unique needs of children when it comes to eyeglasses. Our licensed opticians can assist you in finding frames that combine functionality, durability and style. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your child.


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