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Frequently Asked Questions About Eye Floaters

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Do you notice strange spots in your vision that seem to drift slowly around and then dart away when you try to focus on them? You may have eye floaters.

What Are Eye Floaters? Eye floaters are tiny pieces of collagen that are trapped and floating in your eye's vitreous humour - the jelly-like fluid that fills the eyeball. Floaters can be a variety of different shapes and sizes, with some more noticeable than others. The reason that you see floaters is that they either refract the light coming into your eye or cast a shadow on the retina. What Are the Symptoms of Eye Floaters? Eye floaters can appear in a variety of different ways. They may look like dark spots, single transparent threads, or threads in a cobweb-like design. They typically follow the motion of your eyes and have a tendency to drift down to the bottom of the visual field. Eye floaters also tend to be most noticeable when looking at a blank, monochromatic surface or space, such as a white wall or a blue sky. What Causes Eye Floaters? The vitreous humour inside the eye, while mostly water, also has a solid portion consisting of hyaluronic acid and collagen. Sometimes, the collagen can break down into small fibrils. It is these fibrils that people see as floaters. Eye floaters typically develop as part of the normal ageing process, but they can occur at any age. Some may even be present from birth. Should I See an Optometrist About My Eye Floaters? Eye floaters are benign and not usually a cause for worry, but don't hesitate to schedule an eye exam if you have any concerns. You should also immediately contact an eye doctor in Edmonton if you experience the following symptoms, as it may signify a retinal detachment: • A sudden and significant increase in floaters • Peripheral vision loss on one or both sides • Bright flashes of light in the eye with the floaters Are There Treatments Available for Eye Floaters? Eye floaters rarely require treatment, and most people simply learn to ignore them. They are not damaging to your eye health or vision. However, in rare cases where the floaters significantly impact a person's ability to see, an optometrist may recommend a procedure known as a vitrectomy. This involves removing and replacing the eye's vitreous humor. Eye Doctors Providing Comprehensive Eye Exams in Edmonton If you've been experiencing eye floaters and would like to get them checked out by a professional eye doctor in Edmonton, then look no further than Optometrists' Clinic Inc. Our established optometry clinic has been looking after the eye health of Edmontonians since 1938, and we can make sure that your eye floaters are nothing to worry about. To schedule an eye exam with an experienced Edmonton optometrist, just contact Optometrists' Clinic today.


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