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Is Watching Too Much Netflix Damaging Your Eyes?

Person watching netflix

Netflix brings you endless access to movies, your favourite TV shows, and even original content exclusive to their service. You might turn it on during the day for the youngsters, or spend a relaxing evening catching up on an entire season of your favourite show in the dark. But while it is convenient, how is all that Netflix action impacting your eyes?

You may have heard before that watching TV in the dark or watching it at all is bad for your eyes, but this goes along with the notion that crossing your eyes makes them stuck that way. While some of it is true, not all of it should be taken too seriously. The Truth About Watching TV – Advice from Your Eye Doctors in Edmonton Myths are out there for almost everything, but when it comes to vision, these myths are easy to believe. After all, it makes sense that watching TV in the dark or Netflix all day could damage your eyes. However, before you cancel your Netflix subscription, consider the truth: · Sitting Too Close to Screens Does Not Permanently Damage Your Eyes – You might have heard that sitting too close to the TV or computer screen will damage your eyes. However, experts agree that it only causes temporary eye strain – not permanent damage. · Watching TV in the Dark Does Not Permanently Damage Your Eyes Either – Watching Netflix in the dark? You are not going to cause irreversible damage to your eyes. You could give yourself a headache from the eye strain, but once you go to sleep and rest your eyes, you will be fine by the morning. · Watching Too Much Netflix or TV Will Not Harm Your Eyes – You enjoy binge watching “Orange is the New Black,” and now you can continue to do so. Watching too much TV does not cause permanent damage. Where Did the Myths Come From? The myth about TVs and eye damage stem from the 1960s. After these televisions were released, General Electric (GE), released a statement to consumers about how some models were releasing excessive X-rays. Overexposure to these harmful rays can cause permanent damage to your eyes, but after testing, it was found to be safe and within normal range. While the myth was dispelled decades ago, it still circulates. Eyestrain is Not Good for Your Eyes Here is the main issue: eyestrain. Eyestrain is when your eyes are over-tired from long hours of use, but that can occur from screens, reading a book in the wrong lighting, or staring at an object too long. Eyestrain is a temporary condition, and it does not permanently damage your eyesight. However, it can lead to chronic migraines, blurred vision, and dry eyes. Individuals who wear glasses in Edmonton and surrounding cities should not only have their eyes checked but wear their glasses any time they are focusing too far away. This will help to prevent unnecessary eyestrain. If you notice that your vision has begun to get worse, or you are suffering from frequent headaches after reading or looking at a screen, have your eyes checked by your eye doctor in Edmonton. You may require prescription glasses to avoid eyestrain. The Optometrists’ Clinic Inc. offers the latest optical services in Edmonton to test your vision, find the right prescription glasses, and adjust current prescriptions so you can keep on with your Netflix habit. The Optometrists’ Clinic, Inc. has several eyewear centres in the area. You are welcome to contact us to meet with our eye doctors in the Edmonton area and our staff can schedule an eye exam today.


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