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5 Tricks to Stop Your Glasses From Fogging up This Winter

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Edmonton winters can be rough and, for people who wear glasses, there’s the added nuisance of constantly dealing with foggy glasses. When cold glasses come in contact with significantly warmer air, the surrounding moisture condenses into water droplets that fog up your lenses.

Here are five ways to avoid fogged up lenses this winter: 1. Take care of your glasses Smudges and scratches can increase the amount of condensation that builds up on your lenses and causes fogging. Handle your glasses with care to avoid damaging them and clean your lenses regularly. Before wiping your glasses with a microfibre cloth, always rinse them in warm water or with a lens cleaning fluid. Dragging the cloth along a dry surface increases the chance of debris scratching your lenses. 2. Use anti-fog products Anti-fog wipes and sprays lower the surface tension of water on your lenses. This creates an even layer of moisture on your lenses rather than condensed water droplets that are difficult to see through. For a longer-lasting alternative, ask your optometrist about adding a temporary or permanent anti-fog coating to your lenses. 3. Create air circulation Glasses that sit too close to your face trap heat and moisture near your lenses and increase condensation. To improve air circulation around your glasses, push them further down your nose when you go outside. If doing so is uncomfortable or makes it harder for you to see, choose a new set of frames that sit further away from your face. 4. Lather up your lenses A simple, do-it-yourself fix is to polish your glasses with a bar of pure white soap or a dab of shaving cream. Coat both sides of the lenses, let them sit for a few minutes and then wipe away the soap or cream with a microfibre cloth. The residue creates a clear, protective film that will prevent moisture from beading up on your lenses and obstructing your vision. 5. Switch to contacts The most effective way to avoid foggy glasses is to not wear glasses at all. Contact lenses aren’t affected by abrupt changes in temperature so you’ll have clear vision all winter. At Optometrists’ Clinic Inc., we offer a range of brands, materials and styles to suit your needs. To find out if contact lenses are right for you, book an appointment today.


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