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4 Reasons Your Glasses May Be Causing You Pain

A girl wearing glasses

A new pair of glasses lets you see the world more clearly, especially if they’re your first pair or your prescription has changed drastically.

However, many people find that new eyewear is uncomfortable or even painful. Here are four common causes of pain and discomfort from new glasses and what to do about them 1. They hurt behind your ears. There are a few different reasons why your glasses may be causing pain behind your ears. They could be too heavy or poorly adjusted or simply don’t fit properly. Bringing your glasses to an optician to have them looked at can help narrow down the cause of your discomfort. In many cases, a simple adjustment is all that’s needed. And, if the glasses are simply heavier than what you’re used to, there’s a good chance that you’ll get used to it. 2. They put pressure on your nose. Glasses that pinch or put pressure on your nose are likely too tight. If your frames use nose pads, these can be adjusted by a professional to relieve some pressure. Plastic frames that pinch or put pressure on the bridge of your nose may be too heavy or have a too narrow a bridge. You may get used to the pressure or have the bridge adjusted slightly to create a better fit, but lighter or larger frames may be required. 3. They constantly slip. If you always need to push your glasses up your nose, they’re probably not adjusted correctly. An optician should be able to make changes to the frames to make them fit better. If an adjustment doesn’t do the trick, swapping the nose pads to some made of silicone should help them stay put. If you wear plastic frames, you can make your glasses fit better by purchasing adhesive silicone or foam pads that fit on the nose pieces. 4. They give you headaches. If your new glasses cause so much eye strain that they’re giving you headaches, it’s important to go back to your optometrist or optician to find out why. You may simply be adjusting to a new prescription, but there’s also a chance that the prescription is too strong or not strong enough or that your pupillary distance (PD) was incorrectly calculated. Are your glasses uncomfortable? If you think your glasses need to be adjusted, the team at any of the five Optometrists’ Clinic Inc. locations in and around Edmonton can help. Call today to schedule a consultation or simply stop by for a quick adjustment.


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