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3 Benefits of Wearing Prescription Safety Glasses

woman in safety glasses


Whether you have a workshop at home or spend a lot of time on construction sites, safety glasses are an essential item in your toolbelt.

While protecting your eyes is crucial, trying to fit safety goggles over your regular prescription glasses can be awkward and uncomfortable. Fortunately, prescription safety glasses are a practical alternative. Here are three benefits of opting for this type of protective eyewear. 1. They allow you to work more comfortably Safety goggles aren’t made to be worn over regular glasses, and doing so can be rather uncomfortable. What’s more, this can cause the goggles to sit incorrectly on your face and repeatedly slip off. Needless to say, however, working without your prescription lenses is also a hazard. Prescription safety goggles offer a simple solution that doesn’t require you to choose between safety, comfort and clear vision. 2. They keep your regular glasses in good condition Since prescription safety goggles allow you to see just as well as if you were wearing your regular lenses, you can use them whenever you’re working in a dirty, cold or hazardous environment. In addition to protecting your regular glasses from scratches, cracks and other damage that can occur in these conditions, you’ll also be giving your frames a break. This will reduce the amount of daily wear your glasses are subjected to and may even extend their lifespan. 3. They reduce the risk of eye injuries The primary reason to wear safety goggles is to protect your eyes in hazardous settings. In fact, most eye injuries can be avoided entirely with the use of protective eyewear. However, while safety glasses are often mandated in the workplace, some people may choose to ditch them at home and only wear their regular frames when doing certain hobbies or work around the house. Unfortunately, since regular glasses aren’t as strong as safety goggles, they don’t offer the same level of protection. Prescription safety glasses, on the other hand, are designed to keep your eyes safe from a variety of threats. When selecting a pair of prescription safety glasses, look for ones that have been thoroughly tested and meet a high impact resistance standard so you can be sure they’ll hold up in any conditions. Eyewear in the Edmonton area If you wear glasses and your job or hobby calls for the use of protective eyewear, consider investing in prescription safety glasses. One of our eye health professionals at Optometrists’ Clinic will be happy to help you find a pair that suits your needs. For more information about our products and services, or to schedule an appointment at once of our clinics, contact us today.


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