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10 Ways to Beat Dry Eyes This Winter

During the winter, a lack of moisture in the air can make your eyes feel dry, itchy and sensitive to light. Here are 10 ways to avoid dry eyes this season.

1. Apply artificial tears
Artificial tears and eye drops can be used to treat dry eyes. If you require several applications per day, choose preservative-free drops to avoid further irritation.


2. Use a humidifier
Your furnace is certainly keeping you warm, but it’s also drying out the air around you. Bring some moisture back into your home and workplace with a humidifier.


3. Wear sunglasses
Wraparound sunglasses or a pair with large frames help shield your eyes from dry winter winds. Make sure to wear goggles when skiing or snowboarding to protect your eyes from the wind, snow and sun.


4. Avoid blowing air
When you need to crank up your car heater on a cold winter morning, make sure the air vents are pointed away from your face.


5. Keep things clean
Dust and vacuum your home on a weekly basis to alleviate dry eyes and allergy symptoms. Also, you can use an air filter or purifier to help eliminate dust particles and other irritants from your home.


6. Have a spa moment
Place a warm, wet washcloth on your eyelids for a few minutes twice a day to soothe your eyes. This routine can also help unclog your tear ducts and meibomian glands, reducing the symptoms of dry eyes.


7. Take screen breaks
People tend to blink less when they’re staring at a phone or computer screen. Take regular breaks to avoid digital eyestrain and rehydrate your eyes.


8. Stay hydrated
The risk of dehydration in the winter is surprisingly high. Remember to drink plenty of water and don’t hesitate to have a hot bowl of soup.


9. Don’t rub your eyes
Rubbing your eyes may offer momentary relief, but it also increases irritation and can lead to infection if your hands are dirty.


10. Remove your contacts
Contact lenses are an effective way to avoid dealing with foggy glasses in the winter, but they also make your eyes more susceptible to the elements. If your eyes are dry, consider taking a break from your contacts.


Visit your Edmonton optometrist
These tips are intended to help reduce mild-to-moderate symptoms of seasonal dry eyes. If you’re experiencing severe irritation or chronic dry eye, consult a healthcare professional. At Optometrists’ Clinic Inc., we’re committed to helping you see the world more clearly and comfortably. To discuss eye irritation or schedule your annual eye examination, contact us today.