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Historically, our clinics have always been at the forefront of new contact lens technology, and we have a lot of experience fitting the latest contacts as they become available on the market. Currently, contact lenses in Edmonton come in several different materials, disposal modalities, and tints or colours to suit all types of eyes.

Coloured Contact Lenses

Different types of coloured contacts are also provided through our Edmonton area locations and, contrary to popular belief, they aren’t ALL meant to change the colour of your eyes. Tinted and coloured contact lenses have both cosmetic and practical purposes.

Tinted Contact Lenses
A lightly tinted contact, called a handling tint, is meant to make it easier to insert, remove, or find your contact, without affecting your eye colour. Another purpose of tinted lenses is to enhance your natural eye colour by matching its colour with the appropriate opacity and tint.

Coloured Contact Lenses
Coloured lenses are of the most opaque variety, and are most often sold for the purpose of changing a person’s natural eye colour – usually to people who do not actually need their vision corrected. However, these esthetically pleasing contacts can also be made with correction, if desired.

Rigid Contact Lenses

Rigid contact lenses are great if you wish to keep them for longer, and not have to regularly throw out, and replace, your contacts. Rigid gas-permeable lenses are less commonly used because they take some getting used to, but they do generally offer better vision correction than soft lenses. Some people with specific prescriptions may be required to use this type.

Specialty Contact Lenses

We also offer specialty fit contact lenses such as SynergEyes® for patients with Keratoconus. To get high oxygen and silicon hydrogel contact lenses in Edmonton, walk in to one of our clinics today. We carry a lot of on-site stock, and this includes dailies.

Are Contacts Right for You?

Contact lenses can correct virtually anything eyeglasses can and are great for nearly any lifestyle. Whether you are nearsighted or farsighted, need single vision or progressives, want to wear them for occasions or 24/7, there is a contact lens for you. Additionally, our professional dispensers give hands-on training for first-time contact lens users. Ask one of our Optometrists’ Clinic Inc. eye care professionals which contact lenses are right for you.

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