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Stylish Sunglasses and Prescription Safety Glasses in the Edmonton Area

Alberta is beautiful...all the better reason to protect your eyes when viewing the great outdoors. The sun’s UV rays can damage your eyes, causing potentially serious vision problems. For this reason, it is absolutely crucial to wear, year round, the right type of sunglasses in Edmonton.

At Optometrists’ Clinic, you can choose from a variety of protective sunglasses; for instance, polarized lenses can block up to 99% of the harmful UV rays emanated from the sun. When you already suffer from vision problems, wearing sunglasses is a must, since overexposure to the sun’s UV rays can make your problems worse.

Get ready to choose from a wide array of polarized and prescription sunglasses as well as transition lenses. Wearing sunglasses doesn’t have a down side; they combine style with protection to complete any look! We carry premium brands like Ray Ban and Maui Jim, and our wide inventory usually means you can get the sunglasses you want without waiting.

When it comes to your vision, you want products you can trust. Our products give you affordable, expert eye protection that doesn’t detract from your unique style. Visit us today to learn more about all our eyewear styles, and stay protected from the Edmonton sun while looking your best!

Prescription Safety Glasses Protect Your Vision

UV light isn’t the only potential hazard to your eyes; they also need protection from dangerous debris. Many jobs require safety glasses, but they can be difficult to wear over prescription lenses.

This is the major reason why we provide CSA-approved prescription safety glasses to Edmonton residents. Our prescription safety glasses allow you to work without the awkwardness and discomfort of wearing safety glasses that fit clumsily over your regular prescription lenses. Ask us for details.

Trusted Brands for Protection and Style

Our glasses and contact lens are a fashionable choice, and provide top-quality protection for your eyes. Judge for yourself by browsing below:


Nikon SeeMax Power lenses deliver customized optical performance for each wearer. Taking into account each individual’s personal parameters, such as far vision power, pupil distance, near vision working distance and lens shape data onto every individual lens, SeeMax Power offers the most personalized vision, as well as unsurpassed comfort.

Zeiss Logo

Carl Zeiss Vision, an internationally renowned brand, offers a wide array of sunglasses that both protect you from the sun and improve your vision.


ACUVUE® contact lenses work well for eye patients of all ages. They ensure healthy vision while correcting a wide array of prescriptions. As a bonus, they also contain a UV blocker that provides much-needed protection.

CIBA Vision

CIBA VISION® contact lenses come in the widest possible range of styles and types. Find exactly what you’re looking for from CIBA experts who understand the needs of today’s contact lens wearers.

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