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Lenses for Eyeglasses in Edmonton

At Optometrists’ Clinic, we offer a range of options for your eye wear to suit your exact visual needs. We offer lens options that utilize the latest technologies. For quality frames and eyeglasses in Edmonton, you can count on our expertise; contact us today to schedule an appointment.

ZEISS Individual® SV

ZEISS Individual SV is individually tailored to suit your specific needs. These lenses offer the latest technology and optical excellence that ZEISS is recognized for. It is designed for single vision eyeglass lens wearers who want only the best lens for their eyes.

ZEISS Digital

Millions of eyeglass wearers suffer from digital eye strain caused by the frequent use of smartphones, laptops and other digital devices. Even after a full day, the ZEISS Digital lens helps to keep your eyes fresh and relaxed. Your vision remains stress-free, even when rapidly shifting your eyes from near to far. These lenses provide excellence wearer tolerance and come with a guarantee.

Nikon SeeMax High Power

The way you see is unique, that is why the Nikon SeeMax High Power AP provides the ultimate in advanced personalization features. Created using the latest vision technology, the Nikon SeeMax Power AP provides the maximum amount of visual sharpness with effortless far to near vision transition.

Varilux S Fit™

The primary step towards personalization with the Varilux S series, it provides the advantage of Nanoptix and SynchronEyes Technologies. These lenses also include wear measurements that include: pantoscopic tilt, wrap angle and vertex distance.

Rodenstock Impression FreeSign®3

The Impression FreeSign® 3 progressive lens can adapt perfectly to your lifestyle. They are a custom made progressive lens that works great for those who are involved in sports or travel.

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