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Optometrists’ Clinic Makes Eyeglasses On-Site in Edmonton Area Centres

Optometrists’ Clinic offers a wide range of fashion eyeglass frames from famous designers such as Tom Ford, Michael Kors, Alaine Mikli, and Etnia. Not only are our frames modern and stylish, they also are made of the latest lightweight, and durable materials. If you’re looking for eyeglasses in Edmonton, look no further! Within the period of one appointment, you can have your eyes examined, your prescription measured, and a brand new set of glasses (or two) in a style of your choice ordered and on their way. Most of our frames come with a one year warranty and selected come with up to 2 years of warranty.

Consider Your Options
Whether you require single vision or progressive lenses with or without transition photochromic technology (which darken when you step into sunlight), you’re sure to be delighted with your new Optometrists’ Clinic eyewear. We carry stylish options suited for all ages and facial types. We carry options for everyone from the budget buyer to the independent fashionista—whatever you’re looking for in a pair of glasses, we can provide. At our various Edmonton area locations, we have a wide range of eye wear choices for sports frame, children’s frames as well as petite fitting ladies frames. We also offer special lens coatings to make wearing glasses more comfortable and clear. Certain coatings will help reduce glare, give extra protection from UV rays, and resist fingerprints. If you’re looking for eyeglasses in Edmonton, you can’t go wrong by choosing Optometrists’ Clinic!

Quick Delivery
By ordering from our on-site laboratory, you can pick up and enjoy your new eyewear in no time! Give Optometrists’ Clinic a try!